PETbc 103: Pet Care Business Diploma (Module 1)



The PETbc Diploma in Pet Care Business is a recognised award for professional or semi-professional people working in the canine pet care sector, who are not dog trainers, dog training instructors or behaviour practitioners.

The Applicant is required to be currently employed within a pet care business in their chosen profession.

Course Description

Course Description

This Diploma comprises 2 separate Modules at an overall cost of £645. Candidates must pass both Modules to complete the Diploma.

Enrolment for MODULE 1 at a cost of £145, is done using this webpage.

Once you have passed Module 1, a link to enrol for MODULE 2 at a cost of £500, will be sent to you.

Overview of Tasks covered in this Diploma:

  • Business Skills: Designing a business plan for your chosen professional field, which should incorporate appropriate liability insurance proposals, budgets, fees, marketing and administration.
  • Client Management: Effective communication and assessing client requirements, gathering information on new clients, record sheets, environment management and strategies for safety.
  • Pet care, Management and body language: how to handle challenging dogs within your chosen employment sector and keeping clients’ dogs safe.

Diploma Structure & Assessment:

The Diploma has two modules that the Candidate must pass;

  • Module 1 - consists of the Professional Practice Portfolio. This section requires candidates to submit their Professional Practice Portfolio for assessment. Candidates must pass Module 1 before being accepted onto Module 2.
  • Module 2 – consists of set course work (home study) which will require candidates to submit a written workbook for assessment. In addition, candidates will be required to complete multiple-choice examinations. Module 2 must be completed within six months of acceptance of Module 1.

Entry criteria

The applicant must have already successfully completed (as a minimum) the below criteria:

  • 4 courses at Intermediate level or above.
  • 1 workshop (this can be a stand-alone workshop or as part of a course).
  • A year of vocational experience working full time in the field.

Courses must be in relevant topics to the diploma and from the PETbc Course Providers. Applicants can by negotiation, bring in other skills and qualifications for credit consideration but only at the discretion of the PETbc board.

Module 1: Professional Practice Portfolio (PPP) Overview:

Working as a pet care professional requires not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills and ability to work in the real world with a client and their pet. The Professional Practice Portfolio is a module that brings together and assesses candidates' comprehensive vocational and academic study through learning and work, combined. Candidates must demonstrate to the tutor that they have gained knowledge and practical experience through written evidence that will reflect on their experience, academic studies and professional expertise that led to their current career path.

Assessment of the Professional Practice Portfolio:

  • Candidates’ academic studies will be audited to ensure that they have successfully completed the courses. References will be required for assessing vocational experience.
  • Professional practice experience will be assessed against entry criteria and skill requirements applicable in the appropriate National Occupation Standard. This includes hours studied academically, practically and vocationally.
  • Accomplishments, qualifications and vocational/practical experience outside of the entry criteria, will provide additional support for your portfolio assessment.
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