Philosophy Statement

The PETbc is both a regulatory (in relation to canine training and behavioural services) and representative body for organisations and individuals that provide a diverse range of canine and feline services from training and behavioural, to education providers and other related pet services.

Our main purposes are to: –

provide a self-regulation framework for our members that ensures maintenance of our requisite high standard of services to the public across the membership;

provide a unified representational voice to government in relation to proposed and existing relevant legislative matters; and

maintain member compliance with the National Occupational Standards and skill requirements for the relevant canine profession as set out in the roles (first created by the PETbc) for dog training and behaviour practitioners.

Our Overarching Aim is to ensure and maintain high standards of animal welfare throughout the provision of member services to the public by providing a set of clear standards, Code of Practice and a Philosophy to which all of our full members are required to adhere to in order to present to the public the PETbc Logo.

In Relation to: –

Canine Behaviour Modification and Training: – We advocate the humane use of training and behavioural modification methods aimed at both improving and enhancing the canine / human bond and increasing the quality of the canines life ……… which we firmly believe is highly reliant on the trainer / behaviourists skills and competence (including practical vocational skills) combined with scientific principles.

In seeking to achieve the goals specified above, the trainer / behaviourist:

· should promote, through education, motivation and communication; a strong, caring, physical and psychological relationship based on trust between canine and their human companions;

· should promote and enhance the quality of life for the canine by applying the most appropriate methodology, for each individual circumstance, to bring about a positive and effective learning environment for canine and their human companions;

· when choosing any methodology, principle or technique to apply, it must reasonably be expected to achieve an appropriate and successful outcome within a realistic timeframe and a non-simulated, real life, environment; and

· must comply and work both within and being mindful of all relevant legislation, including without limitation the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

The provision of Education Services: – We advocate the provision of guided self-learning and the development of critical thinking. We expect our education providers to encourage and impress the importance of theoretical, practical and vocational learning. Obtaining knowledge is one thing, its effective practical application is quite another, both should be

encouraged throughout the learning process. We further advocate a critical analysis of the available science and its application in real life.

The Provision of Other Member Pet Related Goods and/or Services

We expect any goods provided by PETbc members to not be, or likely to be detrimental to a pet’s health and welfare and provided pursuant to our Philosophy Statement.

We expect in relation to services, that in addition to compliance with our standards, Code of Practice and Philosophy that where there are recognised industry qualifications (such as for example dog groomers) for the relevant member organisation or individual member to comply with all legislation relevant to their business and to be in possession of an appropriate qualification, as is standard in respect of their specific vocation.

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