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Why Become a Member Organisation of PETbc?

To give the general public the reassurance that membership of a well-established and well respected representative and self-regulatory body that: –

  • represents the canine and feline sector exclusively;
  • holds itself and it members to the highest quality of service provision and canine and feline welfare
  • To be part of an organisation that embraces the value of not only academic but also vocational learning qualifications and practical experience
  • The PETbc can be YOUR voice in a fast developing and changing landscape of potential regulatory changes 
  • So that YOUR organisation can participate in shaping the future of the pet industry
  • If YOUR organisation believes that people should have access to highly competent species-specific professionals that have not only been academically but vocationally trained – JOIN US!

Addressing the increasing pressure in the industry.

There is increasing pressure to regulate the pet education industry and alongside the regulatory pressure (which in itself is not a bad thing) there is an increasing risk, if the voices of all interested parties are not adequately heard that the industry will find itself regulated by those who have an exclusive rather than inclusive agenda and that dictates to, rather than listens to and considers the collective wisdom of all established organisations within the industry. We listen to our member organisations, obtain your views, endeavour to understand your concerns and provide a strong and collective voice for all.

The PETbc has always since inception been actively involved in advising and influencing those responsible for developing and implementing governmental policy and legislation pertaining to our industry. We will continue to work on behalf of our member organisations to ensure their interests and concerns are properly considered in any future changes in law and regulation of the pet industry.

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The PETbc strongly believe that people should have access to professionals that have been trained both theoretically and vocationally by species specific tutors, who themselves benefit from a vast amount of experience and are recognised as successful practitioners in their field. We support member organisations who follow this philosophy. In addition, we support organisations and their respective members through projects that further the process of learning and management to improve the quality of service they provide.

Furthermore, the PETbc is the only representative and self-regulatory body which exclusively represents member organisations dealing with canine and feline behaviour and training.

There are more benefits to being a Member Organisation of PETbc!

Membership of the PETbc is conferred only upon organisations that meet the rigorous quality standards required, this enables us to maintain a high level of public trust in organisations bearing the PETbc membership logo.

As a member organisation of the PETbc, you will have the benefit of:

A Wide Ranging Professional Network:

Meet other member organisation heads for discussion, exchange of ideas and networking for all member organisations. we encourage and facilitate all member organisations to liaise with one another to improve and share knowledge and best practise.

A Right to be Heard

All member organisations are encouraged to have an appointed representative to make representations on relevant matters to the PETbc council.

The PETbc News Bulletins

PETbc publishes news bulletins to keep you abreast of useful relevant information in respect to:- national or government developments (particularly in relation to potential regulatory reform); the education provision sector; behaviour and training news; welfare issues; and other matters of general interest to our members in the canine and feline industry. Members also receive an annual report on PETbc activities.

The PETbc Annual General Meeting

Attend the PETbc annual general meeting. These meetings give members the opportunity to consider and evaluate both our own activities in the past year and any changes in the pet sector landscape that require consideration and/or collective action in the coming year.

The PETbc logo

Displaying the PETbc logo indicates that a member organisation abides by the PETbc Code of Practice, PETbc Philosophy Statement and PETbc Standards. 


Member organisations that are classed as Course Providers are able to apply to have training courses accredited by the PETbc.

How do I become a Member Organisation of the PETbc?

The Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council (PETbc) has been formed to represent member associations or broad based groups within the sector and provide them with all the benefits conferred by being part of an overarching regulatory body which sets the highest of standards for its members and also, but certainly not least, effective representation in the community. A member organisation is eligible to join the PETbc if they are a ‘Professional Membership Association’ or a ‘Professional Course Provider’ as defined here.

Professional Membership Association

Professional Membership Association means either: –

an organisation which is primarily made up of full-time individual practitioners in canine and/or feline behaviour, companion animal (pet) training and/or professional dog training related to police, civilian or government bodies such as HM Prison Service, Customs & Excise or the armed forces; or organisations that provide both professional services and equipment for the benefit and welfare of animals and their caregiver.

Professional Course Provider

Professional Course Provider; means an organisation which is an established teaching / educational institution or training provider group for companion animals and other pet species, which provides specific and specialised education courses. They may include without limitation providers of education for the training and behaviour sector, for companion animal welfare and/or civilian or government bodies such as HM Prison Service, Customs & Excise or the armed forces. Professional Course Providers can apply to become a PETbc Education Partner.

Within the membership structure, organisations can also apply to become PETbc Affiliate Members. An Affiliate Membership is a class of membership for independent organisations that support and agree with the principles of the PETbc.  Affliate member organisations whilst able to use the PETbc logo must alongside this confirm the affiliate status and do not have the option of becoming PETbc accredited.

What does it mean to be a PETbc Education Partner?

PETbc Education Partners are seen as

  • Leaders in their field
  • Trusted voices in their education sector
  • Reputable and trusted providers of high-quality courses in specific pet care and education

The PETbc Education Partner network offers the resources, knowledge and skills to produce outstanding companion animal behaviour, psychology and training courses. PETbc will highlight and promote our Education Partners’ work and ethos for the benefit of the pet owning public. We have a world class reputation through our education course providers.

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