Membership Application

PETbc agreement with member organisations and application form for membership.

In completing the application form you acknowledge that your organisation agrees to and will abide by the aims, objectives and requirements of the PETbc.

This agreement is a statement of the PETbc’s commitment to bring member organisations in the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour services sector together for their benefit and the benefit of members’ clients and their pets using the services provided by professionals working in the sector.

The PETbc recognises that the future wellbeing and good social adjustment of working dogs, pet dogs and other pets in the community is dependent on the contribution that each PETbc member association makes to supporting and delivering high quality services.

Each member organisation is expected:


To follow the PETbc Code of Practice and PETbc Philosophy Statement.


Meet the National Occupational Standards and skill requirements for the relevant canine professions.


Meet our requirements in respect of public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Have a Code of Practice acceptable to PETbc to which their individual members are expected to adhere.


Member organisations classed as course providers are expected to be open and transparent about every aspect of their work and the qualifications of trainers, instructors, tutors, course writers and syllabus developers. This information should be publicly available to potential students / participants undertaking practical or theory training.

In addition, the PETbc encourages all members to develop a clear statement of the ethical principles, obligations and standards that support their daily work in the animal care sector.

The PETbc has the following commitments:

  • To provide excellent practice education and training through our member organisations and to encourage a high standard and quality of learning and education for the ultimate benefit of pet animals and their owners.   Producing students able to provide the highest quality services in pet training and behaviour modification.
  • To represent our sector to government, local authorities and non-governmental organisations including charities and all other relevant associations.  Providing objective, impartial advice and to represent our member organisations to the benefit of pets and society in general.
  • To provide reassurance to the public of the UK, to engage with them in developing solutions to their issues and make it easier for them to select the best member organisation for them and their pets needs.
  • To professional services, to work as an integrated organisation, understanding that our actions and behaviour should foster public trust and confidence in the sector.


There is a joining fee of £250 to become a professional member organisation of the PETbc, with a subequent annual fee of £250 per year.  Affiliate organisation membership is currently available for £15 per year.

Read this notice before applying

In applying to become a member of the PETbc, You as the ‘Applicant’ acknowledge that you are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient public and professional liability insurance as is reasonably expected in the industry which your organisation operates.

On applying for membership of the PETbc you are acknowledging and accepting that the PETbc, its members and representatives will bear no liability for any acts or omissions of the Applicant, the Applicants employees representatives members or agents to any third party including but not limited to liability in tort (including negligence misrepresentation or otherwise).

Whilst the PETbc will endeavour at all times to act in the best interests of and represent our members the Applicant acknowledges that the PETbc, its members, representatives or agents  will bear no liability  to the Applicant for any acts or omissions, loss injury or damage, arising whether directly or indirectly from membership of the PETbc  including but not limited to any information or advice that the PETbc provides to its members except  in the case of any loss damage or injury in relation to which the law prevents the exclusion of liability.

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