The Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council (PETbc) is a highly respected representational and self-regulatory body, specifically created in 2009, to represent professional dog training and behaviour modification organisations, canine and feline behaviour and training education providers (both academic and vocational) and other interested pet industry organisations.


High Expectations

The PETbc expects a high-quality level of service provision from our member organisations and for them to meet and comply with the PETbc Standards, the PETbc Philosophy Statement and the PETbc Code of Practice; all of which are set out within this website.

PETbc dog education and training organisations are an inherent part of British pet services and have a long tradition and between them an enormous wealth of knowledge encompassing all aspects of canine and feline welfare, care, behaviour modification and training and the provision of education in relation to the same.

However, the world of pet education, training and behaviour has never been more fast moving than it is now. The science is constantly evolving as we learn more about the psychology of our canine and feline companions ensuring there is always the opportunity for our members to improve and develop their knowledge base and services and to learn new techniques for improving the welfare, care and training of our client’s pets.

The PETbc actively supports and encourages both the expansion and sharing of knowledge and best practise within and between member organisations in order to facilitate a mutually beneficial continuous expansion of the knowledge base of our members.

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