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The PETbc knowledge base is unequalled in the UK and is the first organisation to set down in detail the job role descriptions covering canine training and behaviour.  Each role entry describes what the role entails and what skill set and experience a professional individual must meet as a minimum requirement.  These comprise the vocational nature of the training and canine theory, and form part of the work based learning accreditation for the PETbc Diplomas.

Introducing the roles

A great deal of time has been spent by many members of the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council in developing these important job descriptions and I must thank all those involved, especially Lez Graham who has been responsible for coordinating this very important work. The attempts to create such job descriptions in the past have resulted in definitions which not been sufficiently clear and have been too ‘generalistic’ in approach resulting in groups of skills being merged into vague roles: this has not given sufficient recognition to specialists which their specific skills undoubtedly deserve.

A Horizon programme on the BBC clearly described the very significant differences between the psychology of dogs compared to all other animals and there is a great deal of other evidence suggesting that the long gestation of the canine/human interface is such that their behaviour cannot be compared to any other species.

Almost all universities which have degree and post graduate degree courses in animal behaviour give very little time to the very demanding requirements of understanding canine development, psychology and training. However, there are some excellent canine specific accredited qualifications at all levels, from OCN to Foundation and Honour Degree levels in Dog Behaviour and Dog Training, that meet the skill required throughout the industry.

General academic qualifications in animal behaviour should not be confused with the experience and expertise in dog training and an understanding of behaviour and behaviour modification which characterise the very specific competencies defined in these job descriptions.

Therefore I highly commend this set of job descriptions as being worthy of very serious consideration by all those whose prime concern is quality, skill, expertise and professionalism in caring for dogs at every stage of their lives and at every level of behaviour.

David Cavill President of the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council


The canine behaviour and dog training roles were commissioned by the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council. The aim was at their inception and remains to set standards for the disciplines described and to allow the public to understand what each canine job role entails and the standard of life training that pertains to it.

Thanks go to the following individuals for their substantive contribution to the creation of these roles:

Lez Graham FCFBA, MA Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour & Psychology, Project Manager

Colin Tennant FCFBA, MA Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour & Psychology Consultant

Ross McCarthy FCFBA, MA Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour & Psychology

We also thank the following organisations and individual contributors:

Animal Care College

National Association of Security Dog Users

Canine & Feline Behaviour Association

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training

The Guild of Dog Trainers

Police Officer Colin Spender, Dorset Police (Dog Section Home Office Instructor)

Inspector Ron Fyffe, Scottish Central Police Force (Head of Education)


Professor Andrew Thomas

Dr Roger Mugford

Dr David Sands

David Cavill

Steve Courier

Charlie Clarricoates

Roger Tabor

David Williams

Susan Williams

John Bowe

List of all individual Roles

Dog Trainer

Dog Training Instructor

Professional Dog Trainer

Dog Training Behaviour Assessor

Puppy Trainer

Puppy Behaviour Assessor

Puppy Training Instructor

Canine Behaviour Consultant

Clinical Canine Behaviour Practitioner

Gundog Trainer

Gundog Training Instructor

Gundog Training Assessor

Police Dog Handler

Police Dog Training Instructor

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