Frequently asked questions

When Can I Enrol?

We do not have set intake dates. You can enrol via the website at any time.

Course Structure & Duration?

The PETbc diplomas have two modules that must be passed to gain each diploma. Module 1 must be completed within a timeframe of six weeks from enrolment date. Module 2 must be completed within a time frame of six months of passing Module 1. Module 2 consists of multiple Parts, as a guideline each Part should take 4 – 6 weeks to complete.

    What is Home Study?

    You are able to study at home at your own pace within your own schedule. This enables you to complete tasks around your own current work and family commitments.

    What’s Included in the Course Fee?

    Your diploma workbook and welcome pack, designated tutor contact and support, assessment costs, and certificate on successful completion of diploma.

    What’s Not Included?

    Mandatory Books and films may be required and are not included.

      What Help and Support do I get?

      Once your enrolment on Module 1 has been processed and accepted, your tutor will contact you and send, by email, the necessary information for you to start Module 1. You are then able to contact your tutor via email for assistance who will be your primary contact and will guide you through the Modules.

        What Equipment do I Need in Order to Receive and Submit my Work?

        Once enrolled, all communication will be via email. Therefore, you will need regular access to a computer along with email and the Internet. You will need a basic familiarity on the use of sending and receiving emails and attaching documents as well as a knowledge of how to conduct Internet searches.

          What Happens if I Do Not Pass Module 1?

          Module 1 requires you to prepare and submit your Professional Practice Portfolio for assessment. At the PETbc we understand that we are all constantly learning and improving ourselves. Therefore, if you do not meet the Professional Practice Portfolio assessment criteria, you will be provided guidance by your tutor as to where you need the additional skills and knowledge. Once you have acted on the guidance you are eligible to resubmit your updated portfolio at no additional charge.

            I Didn’t Complete My Course in Time

            For a variety of reasons some students are unable to complete their course on time. If you have a valid reason for not completing your course on time you can let your tutor know the reason and then ask them for some more time to complete the course. The time allotted to you is entirely at their discretion.

            If you still fail to complete your course within the extension period your tutor has granted you can pay for a further three-month course extension the fee for which is £50.

            If more than a full year has passed and you still have not managed to complete your course, your very final option is to apply to your tutor to re-instate the course (this will be at your tutor’s discretion). The course reinstatement fee will be £100 payable before the course can be recommenced. This will allow you to start the course from where ever you managed to get to the first time around (or start from scratch). In other words any work already completed will be used in your final assessment. Once you have paid this fee you will have a further full six months from the date of payment to complete the course.

              What do I Receive upon Completion of the Course?

              Upon completion a certificate will be sent to you providing confirmation of your successful completion of the relevant Diploma.

              Who Approves the Award?

              The Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council (PETbc) accredits the diplomas.

              PETbc Canine Behaviour Courses Accreditation & Approval Statement

              We, the undersigned academics / practitioners, are writing to express our strong approval of the PETbc canine courses:

              • PETbc101: Advanced Canine Behaviour & Psychology Diploma
              • PETbc102: Advanced Canine Training & Instructional Skills Diploma
              • PETbc103: Pet Care Business Diploma

              We have carefully reviewed the course materials and believe that these courses will be of great merit and benefit to students who take them in the practical and theory field of canine behaviour.

              First, we believe that the PETbc canine course content is timely and relevant. Each course covers a range of canine topics that are currently in high demand in the industry and will equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their current or future careers.  The emphasis on client centred dog behaviour is outstanding.

              Second, we believe that the courses are well-structured and well-designed by people who practise in the profession. The canine course outline provides a clear and logical progression of topics, with a strong emphasis on practical canine skills development. The course materials are of high quality and will provide students with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

              Third, the course will be taught by highly qualified and experienced tutors who work in the field of dog behaviour and training. The course team includes individuals who are recognised experts in their respective fields and have a wealth of experience teaching at this level.

              Fourth, we believe that each course will be a valuable addition to the PETbc’s curriculum. It will provide students with an opportunity to enhance skills and knowledge that are in high demand by employers and a door to develop their own career path into the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association of Great Britain.

              In conclusion, we strongly recommend and approve the PETbc courses that we believe have great merit and will be of significant benefit to students who take them.


              Colin Tennant FCFBA MA in Canine Behaviour & Psychology

              Dr Roger Mugford Animal Behaviourist

              Dr David Sands Animal Behaviourist

              Sue Gilmore BSc (Hons) MA in Canine Behaviour & Psychology

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