Current Member Organisations

Current Membership – Course Providers

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (CIDBT)

CIDBT promote professional excellence throughout their wide array of courses and qualifications.

They have hundreds of successful students now practising professionally within the industry. CIDBT was the first canine institute in the UK to establish courses accepted on the degree programmes with Middlesex University and has produced more experts qualified to BA and MA levels in Professional Practice in Dog Behaviour and Psychology than any other canine related training organisation in the UK. Their array of practical workshops and distance learning courses are tutored by some of the very best canine behaviourists and trainers all of whom work full-time within the disciplines that they teach.

Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT)


A British “first division” organisation, The Guild of Dog Trainers supports expertise in a range of disciplines and recognises individuals’ excellence in their field, training Britain’s pet dogs and inspiring dog owners to learn more. Club trainers, puppy school trainers and professional dog trainers, old or new, find that successful completion of any courses will formalise their experience with a nationally recognised body and enhance career prospects.

The Professional Canine Academy

The Professional Canine Academy is the OFQUAL regulated training element of Trained for Life and has been an Open College Network West Midlands training centre (61142) since 2017. Passionate about providing professional courses that deliver high quality teaching using positive and motivational training styles and offering two Level 3 Certificates in Canine Studies and also Canine Training & Behaviour as well as a Level 4 Diploma in Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour. All of our courses are fully mentored.

In an unregulated industry, we believe it is up to individual training organisations to raise the bar in the profession.

The Pet Gundog

The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor programme is an 18 months fully tutored, blended learning programme comprising of 17 monthly homestudy assignments and three practical workshops taking place in East Kilbride, Glasgow.

Only a select number of places are available on each intake and successful applicants will, upon completion of the training programme and successful assessment be able to call themselves Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors.

This programme offers the opportunity, through personal commitment, to reflect on and share expertise with other likeminded professionals, to learn from and be inspired by the very best in the industry; it is a career opportunity, unique to individual trainers to grow and achieve excellence.

As part of this programme, you will be able to achieve not one, but two Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 certificates; one in Canine Studies and the other in Canine Training and Behaviour, and, when combined with the Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor knowledge, will put you at the top of your profession.

British College of Canine Studies (BCCS)

The British College of Canine Studies provide specialised canine related courses for anyone, worldwide, who is interested in pursuing a career working with dogs. Our courses are written and assessed by professionals currently working within the canine behaviour and training field. This assures our students that the course content is current and well informed, and will equip you with real world knowledge which you can put to use immediately upon completion. In addition to PETbc accreditation, courses carry CPD points/hours. See the website for more information.

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT)

Formed In 1974, the Institutes’ original brief was to improve the conditions of the professional working dog. It soon became apparent to the founders that there was a need to be catered for in the field of pet dog training; which was at that time expanding rapidly. All Institute members are encouraged to develop/update their skills via certified CPD in pursuit of excellence.

It was their opinion that, as a professional organisation, they should take the lead in trying to encourage responsible dog ownership; also to promote the idea to the general public that they should try to understand their dogs both physical and mental health needs

Animal Care College (ACC)

The ACC was established in 1980. As the first college in the UK to offer distance learning in animal care, we started with a vision: to combine the convenience of studying at home with dedicated tutor support and a quality education in caring for animals.

Our courses have been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme, which means that the Animal Care College has undergone an external quality check to ensure that our organisation and the courses we offer, meet defined quality criteria

The Dog Hut


Promoting excellent education in pet dogs specialising in behaviour and grooming qualifications. The Dog Hut is one of the first specialist Canine Teaching Colleges and combined commercial centres in the UK. The college offers a wide range of quality education services to the student including part time, modular and correspondence courses to City & Guilds standards.

Current Membership – Professional Associations



The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA) was established in 1997 as suggested by Pet Plan Insurance, the first specific pet dog insurance in Britain at that time.  Since inception, the association has gone from strength to strength with many of our members being some of the most qualified, experienced dog behaviour experts in the UK.  Many of our members have not only academic qualifications up to Master’s Degree level in Dog Behaviour & Psychology, but decades of practical experience and skill.

We have worked with Lantra writing the National Occupation Standards for dog behaviour and training along with the Kennel Club and written the defining roles for the Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council of Great Britain (PETbc).  All of our members must have quantifiable knowledge, experience and evidence of successful practice and are rigorously assessed via our three-tiered application process. We regularly speak in the media, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, BBC Radio and more on dog behaviour and psychology for pet dog owners.

Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT)


The Guild is passionate about training dogs using methods which evolve from creating understanding between dog and human. To do this successfully the Guild recognises that its critical for dog trainers and owners to understand how dogs think, how they develop, their innate behaviours and their unique species characterises.

The Guild acknowledges the needs of dog owners and how in order to help them achieve their aim of a well behaved pet dog, dog trainers need to use effective methods which are achievable. The Guild fully understands the expectation society places on dog owners and additionally the laws which affect them all.

Dog Trainers & Professionals – The Guild understands the Dog training industry and is able to advise and support its members in all relevant areas.

Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE)

The Dog Safety Education Executive (Dog SEE) caters for all areas of dog safety. We support individuals and organisations who encounter dogs as a part of their working day. This includes social workers, housing associations, postal workers, community nurses, delivery drivers and many more.

Our workshops are tailor-made to suit the needs of the attendees and are specifically designed to teach you about dogs and their behaviour so that through knowledge, techniques and new learnt skills, you feel able to manage situations with confidence thereby helping you to act suitably, responsibly and safely around unknown dogs.

As with all roles that involve client liaison, building good relationships is essential – by applying learnt strategies and knowledge not only can you feel more confident around clients dogs but in some cases that can be used to facilitate and enhance your working relationship.  

All of our facilitators are dog professionals and our workshops contain practical contact with multiple dogs…but only if you want!

Current Membership – Affiliate Members

National Register of Dog Trainers and Canine Behaviourists

The national register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists is dedicated to helping individual dog owners find a supportive trainer or behaviourist to ensure their dog is well behaved canine citizen. 

National Register of Accredited Petcare Professionals

Everyone needs to know that their pet is getting the best possible care from those professionals we trust to look after them.  Whether they are a boarding kennel, pet sitter, dog trainer or behaviourist, dog walker, groomer or pet shop employee, their qualifications and experience are important to us. 

There are many, so called, ‘professionals’ who are not formally qualified, that the Animal care College created this National Register where you can be assured that those listed have an externally, recognised accredited qualification, are knowledgeable and have experience. They can be relied upon to provide a quality service directly to you or on behalf of an employer. Membership of the National Register is only open to those professionally involved with caring for pets, so pet owners can have confidence in their services. We also adhere to the code of practice as laid down by the PETbc.

National Register of Groomers

The National Register of Groomers and Grooming Training Centres provides you with the information you need to find a suitable groomer with whom you and your dog can build a personal relationship – someone you can turn to for general advice about your dog.

Groomers by training, experience and skills are masters of canine psychology (specific) and are some of the most talented people at quickly assessing a dog’s temperament level.

Aggression is common with dogs not conditioned to being handled and groomers are experts at identifying such behaviour. Their skills at calming stressed dogs and preventing aggression is without doubt an under appreciated skill. They rehabilitate thousands of dogs to accept being handled by humans via hours of patient behavioural handling, which in turn helps dog owners and the veterinarian profession in their work, too.

National Register of Pedigree Dog Breeders

The National Register of Pedigree Dog Breeders has been established to help breeders. The web links appearing on these pages assure potential clients that the information presented on the breeders’ websites has been researched, verified and approved by our experts in specific breed selection. If the canine genetic component is selected with acquired knowledge, then the future progeny inherit the ability to fit into our pet owning society with an excellent disposition.

There are three critical tiers to perfect dog (puppy) temperament: The Judges are the first tier of canine psychological section assessment of breeding stock and by default the future behaviour of all breed dogs is in their hands. The second tier is Breeders; if they breed from the show dogs selected by the Judges, the puppies they propagate are now re- evaluated for the perfect temperament a second time for future breeding and sale to the public. The third Tier is the dog trainers and behaviourists.

National Register of Home Breeders

The Home Breeders Association (HBA) is a not for profit community of responsible breeders of dogs, cats and other pets who have signed up to a Code of Best Practice that ensures high standards of health and welfare. The database allows access to HBA breeders by those seeking a pet, whether it be a dog or cat of pedigree, such as Beagles or Siamese, or deliberate cross-breeds such as Labradoodles, cockapoos, mongrels or moggies or other species.

Home breeders are breeders are those who breed on a small scale and keep their breeding stock as free-roaming, within high standard facilities in the home or in a very few cases, quality residential kennels. They select from the best tempered stable stock of the specific species to breed. This a critical factor to prevent future behaviour problems. They are the guardians of pet temperament.

National Register of Boarding Kennels and Catteries

Owners generally do not like to leave their dogs or cats behind when they are away, but how do you find a really caring and experienced kennel or cattery? Clicking onto Google will bring up some names – many of them excellent businesses, but how much do you know about them, what services do they provide and how much experience have they had? It can be difficult to choose. Every dog and cat is different – as is every owner – so you will want your pets to be with people who will care for them and provide the level of service and expert care you expect from your hotel when you are on holiday or away on business. They are skilled in assessing the behaviour of all cats and work to develop a rich environment for the felines’ stay. They understand the anxieties of separation that many cats display as they become accustomed to boarding. All members of the National Register have a knowledge base of dogs and cats appertaining to their remit and the clients requirements.

National Register of Dog Judges

Anyone who is trying to gain judging experience either in their own breed or diversifying into others will know the frustration of knowing they are competent but never have an invitation to judge.  This web site can assist you in bringing your experience to the attention of secretaries and show managements in a way that is open and ethical.  Committees can therefore take decisions based on what you know rather than who they know or via judging lists which just consist of names and contact details.

There are three critical tiers to perfect dog (puppy) temperament: The Judges are the first tier of canine psychological section assessment of breeding stock and by default the future behaviour of all breed dogs is in their hands. The second tier is Breeders; if they breed from the show dogs selected by the Judges, the puppies they propagate are now re- evaluated for the perfect temperament a second time for future breeding and sale to the public. The third Tier is the dog trainers and behaviourists.

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