James Conroy

James Conroy – British College of Canine Studies. Principal

After years of management consultancy, James started a new life in France, where his work with a local rescue centre paved the way for him becoming one of the country’s 150 government recognised Owner Trainers under the CESSCAM scheme. Under the scheme, anyone with a dog on France’s Dangerous Breeds list, had to take part in a course on dog behaviour as part of owning such a breed. Also, anyone whose dog was involved in a bite incident, regardless of breed, had to pass the course.

James eventually returned to the UK and set up a rehabilitation centre, which he ran for several years, usually dealing with the kind of cases earmarked for euthanasia, before developing the British College of Canine Studies in 2010. The distance learning College has a variety of canine related courses but its main emphasis is on behaviour. The College has thousands of students around the world, including Council Dog Wardens, RVNs, Staff and volunteers at RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Battersea, Police and Military Dog Handlers, Fire Service, and Search & Rescue personnel.

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