Colin Tennant

Colin Tennant MA Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour & Psychology – PETbc Secretary

Colin has trained dogs and developed original canine behaviour methods to improve and or manage problem dog behaviour. In 1981-82 he set up Britain’s first specifically designed Canine and Feline Behaviour Centre in Hertfordshire, he understood that environment and light specifically helped settle fear driven dogs more quickly and set out to design a consultation environment to ameliorate the situation. He has gained much experience with dogs, advising on a diverse range of behavioural problems and showing owners how to gain control.

His innovative work includes the time release food through the KFTR – Kong Food Time Release for Anxiety and other issues. EFTD – Exclusive Food Training Delivery has especially been successful for canine phobias and recall, in addition the DTP – Dog Training Profile system assessed through colour coding used for rapid behaviour assessment in dog training clubs. HRP – Hook Restriction Programme (a calming and control programme he developed more than twenty years ago) and finally ILP – Intelligent Leadership Programme delivered in many thousands of dog behaviour and training issues to date worldwide.

Canine and Feline Behaviour Centre Rapid Response Behaviour Courses
Colin operated, devised, wrote and delivered canine behaviour workshops and was the first in Britain to develop film led psychology including real client case studies discussing common problem dog behaviour and solutions. He noted that most courses in the UK especially in dog behaviour were operated by theorists with little practical skills and virtually no practical workshops because the academic theorist could not manage the very subject they were pontificating about – difficult dogs. Colin’s courses were the forerunners of the Middlesex University modules developed today and offering the high standards of canine behaviour work.

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training
The CIDBT was developed by Ross McCarthy, Charlie Clarricoates and Colin Tennant. Colin wrote and developed 12 new pet education courses for the CIDBT, some of which were: Pet Home Sitting & Dog Walking Certificate, National Pet Home Sitting and Dog Walking Certificate, Kennel Management, Care & Business Certificate. Also four level five university modules in dog aggression and general behaviour problems.

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