Colin Spender BA Hons

I have owned dogs since 2019, mainly German Shepherd dogs (6), I have also owned, worked, and trained a springer spaniel, Labrador, and a rescue Doberman pincer. I am a Retired Police Officer with 30 + years’ service with exemplary conduct, (Retired 2015) I served in the Dog section for 24 years both working operational police dogs and assisting with the training of new handlers and dogs. I became an accredited Police dog Instructor in June 2005. (Adv, Dip P.D.I.)

I also spent a year and half in the Police Learning and development unit for the training Probationary Constables

Having studied with Canterbury Christchurch University to obtain an Advanced Certificate in Education (post compulsory) 06.07.2006 (Adv Cert Ed) (HE)

I then became an accredited Dog Legislation Officer (June 2008) (D.L.O) for the force taking on the primary responsibility of dealing with all dangerous and dog related matters within my force. I can conduct confirmation assessment of breed or ‘Type’ Section 1 dogs, as defined under the DDA 1991.

I was then recognized as Expert witness for the courts dealing with Dangerous dogs under

  • The DDA 1991 (as amended 1997).
  • The dogs Act 1871 Section 2.
  • ASBCP Act 2014, dog related matters.
  • The Dogs Protection of Livestock Act 1953.
  • Animal Welfare Act (2006).

I can conduct behavioural assessments on dogs to identify if the dog is a dangerous dog, or a dog which may be deemed dangerous to public safety, and as such provide expert advice for both Defence and prosecution councils in court.

I have studied with the Cambridge Institute Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT) and gained a BA HONS in (Professional practice dog behaviour & training) accredited by Middlesex University 20.06.2012

I then became a full member of the following organisations.

CIDBT in 2012.

GoDT (MT) as a master trainer.

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (MBIPDT)

I was instrumental in writing up the roles and skills for the PET bc, in respect of skills required for Police dog handlers and Police dog Training Instructors.

I was a co-author of the National Occupational Skills (NOS) (Lantra, skills-based council for specific dog behaviour training and modification) setting out the definitions and skills required for the dog trainer and behaviourists.

I am now a tutor for the CIDBT, and my main skill delivery is in the instructor training Role, and dog law.

I am also the Director of canine Law for the CIDBT.

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