Christina Cass

Christina is a Behavioural Practitioner, Business Consultant in the Animal Industry & Founder of EpicDog Training Academy, an education provider for Dog Trainers worldwide.

Christina’s credentials in a nutshell:

· MCFBA: A full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association

· GoDT (M): A Master Trainer with The Guild Of Dog Trainers

· A Member of the Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council

· An Accredited Learning Center of the PETbc

· Member of The CPD Certification Service providing recognised independent CPD Accreditation. · WSDA: A World Scent Dog Association Instructor

· FFTT: A Force Free Trick Training Instructor

· Superdogs Instructor

· 20 years of experience in Behavioural Modification

As a lot of Dog Trainer origin stories go, Christina had a passion for dogs from a young age. After 18 years in the industry as a behaviour practitioner specialising in herding and guarding breeds, EpicDog Training Academy was founded in 2014.

The facility based in Glasgow quickly became a leading provider of welfare and behaviour-focused daycare, a renowned training and rehabilitation hub and grew a thriving Search & Rescue department.

Christina’s passion for teaching sparked the creation of an online platform in order to help more people and dogs in early 2015, and the passion for training trainers was of course an inevitable development when you love detail and transformation and have learned an awful lot! There is, of course, ALWAYS room for more growth and development, which Christina enjoys passionately both for herself and those that she serves. The online school has grown and now includes business and self-development modules in response to the problems she found was in the way of students obtaining the results that they deserved. The success of this divergence means she now employs a team of coaches and facilitators with daily drop-in workshops on Zoom for our worldwide students as well as regular 1 to 1 coaching sessions, deep dive VIP days and in person retreats. Her overwhelming desire is to empower dog trainers to build a business and life they love, whilst creating impact and making a difference in the lives of dogs and their families the world over.

Christina is the proud owner of Border Collie Skye and Laekenois Ash. Skye who is now a healthy 13 year old has retired from her demanding role in Search & Rescue and is no longer allowed to work sheep due to her advancing years, much to her disappointment. Ash is an enthusiastic 4 year old that has

a huge love of life and takes her job of keeping the family safe very seriously. Most importantly of course, they are two adored family members.

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