PETbc Code of Practice for Member Organisations

1. Introduction

The purpose of this the PETbc Code of Practice (‘the Code’) is to provide a single set of overarching standards applicable to all our member organisations in order to provide the public with confidence in the minimum standards they can expect from a PETbc member organisation.  It is also designed to ensure that all member organisations maintain the same core high standards in relation to the various canine and feline related services they offer within the pet industry.

The Code is not intended to in any way replace the individual codes of practice of our member organisations.  It does however provide the public with an overview of the key elements of the quality and standard of service provision that we expect all of our member organisations to abide by.

2.  Standard of Service Provision

2.1 We expect our member organisations and their members to aim to provide the highest of standards of service within their particular area of practice within the pet industry and to act with professionalism, honesty and integrity at all times, both in the provision of and in relation to the services that they provide.  This includes without limitation:-

(a) the provision of educational and online services;

(b) dealings with other professionals, such as veterinary professionals and other pet behaviour and training service providers.

(c) the provision of general pet care services to the public; and

(d) the provision of pet behavioural and training services to the public.

2.2 In order to maintain the highest standards of service provisions we expect all member organisations, their employees, representatives and/or their individual members to:-

2.2.1 where appropriate to ensure that they have in place suitable and sufficient public liability and any other appropriate insurance as is generally applicable and expected in their specific service industry; and

2.2.2 provide high levels of competence in the provision of services.

2.3 All education providers should provide guidance in relation to access to the most relevant and up to date information in relation to theory and practice in respect of the relevant area of education provision and ensure that the same is presented and provided in an informative but unbiased manner.

2.4 In relation to the member organisations whose individual members provide behavioural and training services – a requirement that their members who provide behavioural and training services as representatives of the member organisation have sufficient knowledge and hands on experience (including knowing when to refer on to a more suitably experienced/qualified party) to deal with the problem presented in both the best interests of the animal presented and their owners/caregivers.

3. Welfare

3.1 We expect member organisations to ensure at all times that:-

a. the overall health and welfare of the animal(s) to which their service provision relates is at the heart of and paramount in everything they do; and

b. in relation to the provision of behaviour and training services due consideration is given to the welfare, needs and limitations of the animals’ caregivers and to ensure that the intrinsic link between this and (a) above is kept firmly in sight.

3.2 The commercial considerations of all member organisations must at all times be secondary to their responsibility to the public and the welfare of the animals which they provide their professional services to.

3.3 Member organisations shall require their employees representatives and members:-

a. to maintain professional relationships with their clients;

b. not to exploit client relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain;

4. Sharing of Professional Knowledge

We strongly encourage member organisations to make an active contribution to the PETbc and indeed those areas of the pet industry within which their expertise lies as a whole for the benefit of all.

We particularly encourage our members to actively share and use their own knowledge and experience to help educate others and to actively contribute to the world of canine and feline behaviour and training.

5. Continuing Professional Development (‘CPD’)

All member organisations are expected to ensure that where relevant to their particular roles, their representatives and employees and individual members are required to undertake sufficient CPD on an ongoing basis to ensure they maintain as a minimum an appropriate level of competence to maintain the standards relevant to their practice set out within this Code of Practice.

6. General Member Organisation Obligations

6.1 Always provide clarity as to the extent and cost of the service offered.

6.2 When advertising a service provision be mindful of the requirements of the Code in terms of professional integrity and:-

a. avoid unrealistic or sensational claims about results that may or are likely to be achieved;

b. be honest and ensure that expectations of service users are managed appropriately to avoid unrealistic expectations;

6.3 Never behave or advertise your services in a manner that would be likely to discredit the PETbc or your fellow member organisations or be in conflict with the spirit of this Code.

7. UK Law

All member organisations should ensure that all appropriate legislation is complied with in the provision of the services which they provide and with particular regard to member organisations that provide client facing behavioural and training services that individual representatives/members providing direct services to the public are aware of all relevant legislation relating to the client’s pet and public safety.

8. Discrimination

All member organisations are required to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that they as an organisation take reasonable measures (appropriate to the nature and size of the organisation) to ensure they provide their services in a way or otherwise act in a way that would not be likely to prejudice individuals or groups of people, in relation to their ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

9. Personal Information:-

Storage and use of client information must comply with current data protection legislation

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